5 Time Savers for Guided Reading


Guided Reading Groups are some of the most precious minutes of our day. We want to make sure our kids are engaged from the moment they sit at our table until the moment they leave. We simply don’t have time to dig for a marker, prep a word activity, or find a missing book! Keep reading for 5 quick tips on how I make sure I don’t waste ANY time while my kids are with me. 

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Boost Class Morale fo’ FREE!

Do you ever feel like you have days where you’re calling attention to anything and everything just to have something positive to say in your room? Maybe you woke up at the time you are usually leaving the house and you just don’t have it in you to deal with the tattler, the crayon their, the wiggle worm, OR the story teller today. By the end of the day, you’re a frazzled mess and the only positive you can drum up is, “Sally, I love the color of your eyes. Did you pick those out yourself?” (I mean – SERIOUSLY?)

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