Beginning the Year with Narrative Writing

Hi friends!

The beginning of the year has been all kinds of crazy! I am so glad to have a class that makes it easy enough for me to be at home, on the couch, and blogging by the 6th day of school! I hope your classes are as wonderful as mine has been :).

I wanted to share with you the fun we have had this week beginning our Writer’s Workshop. My district creates curriculum maps that every school must follow. Our first Writing Unit is Narrative Writing.

One of my teammates had the brilliant idea to begin the year with “Show and Share.” Kids LOVE to tell stories. Even more, they love to tell stories about themselves

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 7.30.38 PM

For 5 days, we sent this note home with groups of students. These students were responsible for bringing an item to share with our class. This isn’t just a typical “show and tell.” These items had to be things that the students could tell a story about.

  • a trophy from a big soccer game
  • a special gift from a grandparent
  • seashells from a beach vacation
  • a picture from the day he/she learned to ride a bike

The goal was for these items to help students practice oral story sharing.

After the students finished sharing, we made word banks about the items our friends shared (this serves as a bit of main idea practice, too! 😉 ).

word bank

Once we had a satisfactory word bank for each student, the students Think, Pair, Shared sentences they could write about their friend’s story. We talked about how our word bank helps us spell some of those tricky words that we might want when we start writing.

After a day of teacher modeling, the students were ready to begin writing on their own!



At this point, my focus was not on writing conventions. Our primary focus was showing that our writing can tell a story and that our words mean something when they are written.sample4

As I went around the room, I conferenced with students and DID point out the conventions I noticed they were using. “WOW! I love how you used finger spaces and used our word wall!” “I am so proud that you remembered to start with a capital letter!” sample1

The kids are SO proud of sharing their stories and getting to write about what they hear.


How do you kick off your year of writing?


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