Save some time with VIP Nominations!

I, like any other teacher, have to-do lists coming out of my ears. If I complete something at school not on my list, I will add it to the list just to cross it off. Even still, there is one thing that never makes it on or off of my list(s).

Choosing my VIPs. 

At my school, each teacher is expected to choose 2 VIPs – Very Important People – each week. These students are expected to exemplify what it means to be an outstanding student and to always be a role model while wearing their prized VIP badges. The problem? I almost always forget to choose my VIPs until the bell rings Monday morning and the kids turn into not-so-private detectives shouting, “WHO ARE OUR NEW VIPs?”

My usual response? “I have some names in mind. But I am watching our behaviors this morning to see if they reaaaaaaaally earned it.” This is code for, “I have no idea.”

I completely understand why we have a system like VIPs in place – can I get an Amen for positive reinforcement?! But whyyyyyy is it so hard for me to write down two stinking names?!

Then it hit me.

I can make the kids do MY work (and become stronger persuasive writers at the SAME time! Holy Common Core jackpot!)

Stick this bad boy in your Work on Writing station (or wherever floats your boat) and watch as your kids truly take deeper ownership of what being a VIP means while also filling their friends’ buckets.



^^ Click the link to download it! 🙂

Does your school have a VIP program?


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