Listening for R Blends PPT Game


Looking for a way to change up your Phonics instruction? Try this fun Interactive game to help your first graders listen for r blends!

Have your kiddos meet you at the carpet with a whiteboard, or just their smart and beautiful selves.

Start by clicking on the blue question square.


Clicking on this button will direct you to question number one.


When they get to this board, the r blend (the orange letters you see) will not be there. Provide them time to think and/or write the r blend on their whiteboards. Click on the blue answer button and up pops the r blend!

When you’re ready, click the yellow button to go back to the board and this is where the REAL magic happens.


Kids get to choose a box to eliminate in order to reveal part of the mystery picture! I’m a Kentucky gal so it won’t be too hard to guess what’s back there πŸ˜‰

The fun goes on for 20 r blend pictures (gr, fr, tr, dr, br, and cr are included)!

You can download itΒ here



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