Editable Lesson Planner

Preparing my lesson planner at the beginning of the school year is one of my favorite things to do. Why? Because it helps me see the big picture for what lies ahead! Along with inputting my own personal dates (which I’ll show you how to do in this post) I can also customize my planner to input the District’s calendar with my editable planner, too! In this blog post, I’ll share some of the ways you can customize your editable lesson plan book for an organized school year.

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Teaching Your Classroom Procedures

No matter how many times I’ve had a first day of school, I’m always afraid that I am going to forget how to teach. (Yes, I’m serious). I’m afraid I’ll forget the right way to teach kids to unpack, the right way to start their Morning Work, or even the right way to throw away a dirty tissue! This is a recurring fear because I know those first weeks of school are crucial to setting the tone for the rest of your year. That’s why I’ve written it all down…in June!

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Wonders Reading Program – Start Smart Phonics

As primary educators, we know that our students need a TON of direct instruction in phonics, comprehension, grammar, writing, and even collaborative conversations. Being able to do all of this while also integrating direct instruction in Science, Social Studies, ¬†differentiated Guided Reading groups, and implementing necessary 21st Century skills can be a lot to manage. These, along with others, are the reasons for why my district chose to adopt the McGraw Hill Wonders Reading program for this school year. ¬†In this blog post, you’ll read a little about my initial reaction to our training as well as some questions for you to consider when planning out your year.

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