Back to School Flipbook

Looking for a quick an easy way to provide your parents with customized classroom information? Check out this editable Back to School Flipbook and get it ready before your Open House!

IMG_0056With up to 9 different customizable headings and space for content, simply type in your info, print, and assemble! This sample only has 4 pages shown but I assure you I use almost all 9 pages for the real shindig. 😛


When you open the PPT, you’d see a cover page like the one above. You simply click on the black arrow and begin typing in the title of your flipbook. The template comes with KG Be Still and Know as the preset font but if you do not have it, just choose your favorite font to put in the space! At the risk of sounding cliche, the possibilities are endless.


Because I would never dream of asking you to use more of your colorful paper than you have to, I had the template include multiple boxes of those smaller pages. No, you do not have to type your text repeatedly, simply copy and paste the text from one text box to the next! Again, always giving you the option to customize your font however you see fit.

When you finish, even if you don’t use all 9 pages (because you might not need them all) save as PDF. To do that, click File>Save as> and then select “PDF” from the Format Dropdown Menu.


Open up your new PDF and print single-sided. Double check your print preview because my printer printed my pages best at 95% percent. If you notice the black lines are missing in your preview, simply select “Scale” and then type 95% into the box.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 4.31.49 PM

Take your original and make your duplicates at the copier with the FUN, BRIGHT colors you see online! Yours truly did not have any handy at the time of this tutorial 😛 **Remember, though, that some of your pages have up to 4 sheets of the same page – don’t accidentally make too many of that page!


Once you’ve printed and copied all of your pages, cut each page out around the black outline.

Put them in order by length and staple at the top! I love to add adhesive magnets to the back for parents to simply plop up on their fridge when they get home. 🙂 This way, your parents always have a plethora of information customized for your classroom right at home.

Want your own? Go to my store and download your OWN editable template here!

How do you keep parents in the loop? Comment below!


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