Open House in First Grade!

Open House night does NOT have to be stressful! Keep reading to find some great ideas to make it a stress free (and maybe even fun!) night for you and your student families.


Open House can be one of the best nights of your school year! You have a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on your future group of students. AT this point in the school year, my teammates and I have already met our students at least once. We host a party called Popcorn in the Park that you can read more about here. That party was just to introduce our faces, tonight is all about introducing the school year!

The Supplies


Parents are most likely going to be bringing their supplies to your classroom. All along the carpet wall, I line up boxes with labels. The picture is showing you my old labels but you can download my newest version HERE.

These newer labels are full color and include 4 styles 🙂


As you can tell in the picture above, I just use whatever types of boxes I can get my hands on! Sometimes, these boxes are what I place on my cubbies to hold the supplies. However, the majority of them are just a holding place until I can put the supplies in their true home. These boxes will stay here until the end of the first day of school whenever other students inevitably bring in their supplies.

The DesksDSC_0256

Each student desk is set up and prepared with:

  • school folder (stuffed with school paperwork and my welcome letter).
  • school agenda
  • pens (for completing a student contact card) **I turn one copy of these in to the office for their records and copy the rest onto pink and blue cardstock. These are then hole punched and put on a binder ring for easy transporting during field trips and Field Days 🙂 )
  • baggie for supply money (my school collects a workbook fee)
  • and our parent flipbook


You can read more about this flipbook here!


Some of our desks have these HUGE boxes. Our school participates in a program that allows students to order a box of supplies that will be delivered to our school over the summer! This allows our classroom to guarantee that we get the supplies we want, parents don’t have to go shopping, and our PTA gets money! TWO THUMBS UP, BABY!

The Fun Stuff


I love setting up a fun photo station! This is not a photo booth, however, it is a quick chair for me to sneak over and get a picture of my students on the “first day” of school. I know this is not technically the first day, however, it makes it a lot easier to knock a few of these out of the way before the chaos of the first day of school!

There are also a ton of great bulletin board ideas for this all over Pinterest 🙂 I’ll have to update you later with what I put together for this year’s Open House!

The Hunt


I set up this Scavenger Hunt around my room to help parents navigate the Open House. This is a HUGE time saver because it lets families complete the numerous requests placed on them and prevents you, the teacher, from answering the same questions over and over again! Click the picture to download from my TPT store!


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