How do I structure a Guided Reading Lesson?

Hi friends!

Guided Reading was absolutely foreign to me when I began teaching. Growing up, Guided Reading simply wasn’t something that was done in my elementary classrooms. So when I started teaching, I couldn’t draw on my own schooling experiences to help me. After countless Professional Developments, Meetings, Readings, and practice (I even recorded myself!), I now feel confident in the way I can differentiate for my students’ needs! Keep reading to see how I maneuver through my lessons.

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Andy Shane – The Perfect Transitional Chapter Book Series

Have you heard of Andy Shane? I had not either until just a couple of weeks ago.


Up until now, introducing chapter books to my guided reading groups had been a major source of stress and anxiety. I completed my student teaching in Kindergarten, did a long term sub in Kindergarten, and did my first year of teaching in Kindergarten…I was comfortable with¬†helping the little man become a reader. But when it came to those kids who already knew how to read, I felt like I had nothing to offer! That is, until I met my newest friend Andy Shane. Continue reading

5 Time Savers for Guided Reading


Guided Reading Groups are some of the most precious minutes of our day. We want to make sure our kids are engaged from the moment they sit at our table until the moment they leave. We simply don’t have time to dig for a marker, prep a word activity, or find a missing book! Keep reading for 5 quick tips on how I make sure I don’t waste ANY time while my kids are with me.¬†

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