Organizing Wonders Materials

My school is making the big shift to a basal this year. I have NEVER used one and I am a little bit excited/intrigued/terrified. I am excited to have a guide, but I’m afraid of feeling blocked in. On the first day that I had access to my classroom, I was reminded of the PALLETS ON PALLETS ON PALLETS that we unloaded with all of our Wonders materials. Are we going to feel suffocated? Continue reading


Wonders Reading Program – Start Smart Phonics

As primary educators, we know that our students need a TON of direct instruction in phonics, comprehension, grammar, writing, and even collaborative conversations. Being able to do all of this while also integrating direct instruction in Science, Social Studies, ¬†differentiated Guided Reading groups, and implementing necessary 21st Century skills can be a lot to manage. These, along with others, are the reasons for why my district chose to adopt the McGraw Hill Wonders Reading program for this school year. ¬†In this blog post, you’ll read a little about my initial reaction to our training as well as some questions for you to consider when planning out your year.

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